Bars And Clubs In Cambridgeshire

Bars And Clubs In Cambridgeshire

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Any visist to this area wouldnt be complete without sampling at least a few of the many bars and clubs in Cambridgeshire. The nightlife in Cambridge for example revolves around the pub, but dont expect to find a typical, dull bar scene here. Pubs have names like Cricketeers and Clarendon Arms, and you can expect to encounter an eclectic group of locals, University of Cambridge students, and tourists, so youll never get bored of the same old scene.

If youre looking for some history to go along with your drinks, dont miss the Ancient Druids, the only Cambridge pub to brew its own beer. Just a few blocks away is King Street, home of the legendary King St. Run. At one point the street had 7 pubs, and to complete the run, Cambridge students were supposed to drink a beer at each one! Today the street has three very good pubs: Champion of the Thames, St. Rhadegund, and the appropriately named King St. Run.

For modern Cambridge students, the nighttime district of choice is Grantchester, distinguished by its good scenery and its good pubs. It is possible to punt to Grantchester along the upper parts of the Cam, a somewhat challenging yet scenic journey due to the mud that fills this section of the river. At least punters will have worked up an appetite for a meal and a beer, both of which can be found in abundance in Grantchester.

Dancing is not as popular as pubbing, but there are a few thriving discos in Cambridge. Ronelles Night Club, ironically positioned next to St. Andrews church, is always a good bet as it is open late. If youre seeking music without the dancing, check out Norfolk Street for the popular Man on the Moon club, which hosts a live jazz group several nights a week.

Although technically in Suffolk, at only 12 miles away more daring clubbers venture out to the nearby horse racing hotspot of Newmarket and De Neros nightclub. With its laser shows and smoke machines its more popular with the younger crowd.

In addition to Cambridge there are copious amounts of other fine bars and clubs in Cambridgeshire, including those in the smaller towns and villages such as St Ives and Godmanchester where a day can be spent idling away the time by the river sampling the famous local brews.

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