Superstitions Of Bingo Players

Superstitions Of Bingo Players

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Ever wondered why horoscopes play such an important role in our every day life? Or why fortune tellers have such a big clientele? Its all about luck.

We live in a world where everyone tries to make or control their own luck in some way. Everyone knows that there is much more to the game than only skill Bingo is a game where you cannot control the outcome or can you? Most bingo players believe you can.

Its called bingo luck. Any experienced player would tell you that you can control or make your own luck. Most bingo players have certain rituals, superstitions and lucky charms to ensure they get a chance to yell bingo! at the top of their voices.

Rituals play a very important role in bingo luck. Some players believe in walking three times around their chair before sitting down to play bingo. Others follow the same routine before they play to keep their luck going strong.

Then the superstitions Most bingo players have a lucky seat. And dont forget lucky clothes such as pyjamas, t-shirts, shoes or special underwear. And, of course, theres more. Some have lucky days and times when they play . Your player name or nickname is also important most bingo players believe that the name they play with influence their luck. Others believe that they can only win when certain roomies or friends are in the room! Most players believe that the number 13 is an unlucky number, and therefore find it a bad omen when a game starts with the number 13. Number 7, on the other hand, is one of the favourite lucky numbers.

The most important part of being lucky at bingo is of course lucky charms. The list of lucky charms players use is endless! Some have pictures of their loved ones or pets next to their computers and lucky seats. Most bingo players have lucky numbers. When asked, all these players can tell you why theyve picked a specific number. But this is not all; most players carry a special lucky charm with them when they play ! These lucky charms can be anything from a rabbits foot, elephants, teddy bears, cigars, Zippos, dolls, monkeys and gemstones or birthstones.

Some online bingo players even believe that if they specifically ask for a ball the caller EPL중계 will give it to them. And they will go to great lengths to ensure the caller gives them that specific ball! They will beg, scream, swear and even make promises.

Of course the question lingers in the back of your mind. Does luck really work? Is there any proof? Some say that it defies reason and logic, but bingo players who have lucky charms, superstitions and rituals really win! Does this means it really works? Every bingo player has to figure it out for him or herself after all, you make your own luck.

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