Saving Your Stride

Saving Your Stride

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There was a time in the history of women when people thought females simply shouldn’t run as a sport. The conventional wisdom was that women were too fragile and vulnerable to endure the consistent impact and exertion of running. Some doctors even promoted the idea that athletic running could harm in woman’s ability to have children! Fortunately for women everywhere that day is over. Running is a fast-growing hobby and sport for men and women of all ages. Although once considered rough on the back, bones, and knees, with the proper attire running is a safe and life-giving enterprise.

Good shoes

The most important piece of equipment a runner has besides their own muscle is a good pair of running shoes. It is the shoes that keeps the impact from harming joints and bones 축구중계 and allows the runner to spring forward with a natural stride. Good running shoes have well supported sides and a reinforced heel specifically designed for shock absorption. The most important element of buying a running shoe is to try it on in the store and make sure it fits perfectly. Do not buy a shoe that you have to “break-in”. A running shoe should fit comfortably from...

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